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I'd been to Muzium Negara more than 3-4 times in my life. After so long, the only thing I saw improvement are they actually change the entrance from front to back. As what I remembered, last time when I enter from the front entrance, those item that exhibited are too bored for me. I'm amazed by the current way of exhibit. They even have a tangible interface only at the entrance, which is too less for public to experience.

Those sculpture that attracted me are obviously those weird and special for me.

Batu Megalit / Megalithic Stone

A replica of Megalith that attracts me which is known to locals as Living Stone.
This particular megalith is called Batu Kemudi Megalit, found in Negeri Sembilan.

Moyang Harimau Berantai / Chained Tiger

Chained Tiger sculpture, one of the most popular carvings among the Mah Meri tribe (known as “people of the forest”).

Web Design II (L02 Wire frame)

Home page

Product page

Web Design II (L02 Strategic Brief)

Project Definition

The project is to redesign a commercial website.

To redesign Goodday's website.

To improve the interface design and better site navigation.

Current Site’s Analysis Goals

This site should give more time to user to experience the site by its navigations

• The Product overview and Company background should be improve.

• More banners to attract audience (Such as current events).

• Get more sales via online.

Client’s Analysis

A group specialised in the manufacturing and distribution of fresh milk, dairy products and health beverages in Malaysia.

Mission - Is to be consumers' preferred choice for dairy products and health beverages in Malaysia.

USP - Goodday, Daily Fresh and Mr. Farmer, all which had become trusted household brand in Malaysia.

Short & Long-term Site Goals

Long term - This site and company must get trusted and recognize by other parts of the region as one of the best product.

Short term - Should improve user experience of this site through products and nutritions as interesting as possible and tidy arrange.

Target Audience

Family (Mainly married family)


Competitor Analysis

Tidy (There's focus point)

Good Hierarchy of typo.

Good navigation throughout the site.

Interesting Interface + Animations.

Idea & Concept Implementation

The redesign site, I will make it more user-experience site.

Layout - By exploring the farm and understand the environment of it.

- Will make it more space to breath in the site itself.

Color - I will use mostly milky color.

Design - Illustrated with vector and added some photoshop brush effects.

Web Design II (L01 MoodBoard)

Web Design II (L01 Beautiful/ Useful Commercial Website)

Beautiful & Useful Commercial Website

Web Design II (L01 HTML/Java libraries + PSD tutorial)

PSD Tutorial

Business layout

HTML/ Javascript libraries

Simple Toggle with CSS & jQuery

jQuery Fade in, Fade out

Smooth animated menu with jQuery

Bumpbox instead of Lightbox

Sexy curl with jQuery

Web Design II (L01 Gantt Chart + Sitemap + Client's Site + Competitors' Site)

Gantt Chart


Client's Website Analysis

• This site's colour is more to a static gradient color.
• Doesn't look attractive enough to attract user.
• Looks more like a formal site just for the sack of having a site.
• Doesn't interact with audience.
• This will make the audience to click the "x" close button right away.

Competitors Websites.

• This site looks not bad.
• The colors combination were good enough.
• Info not really long that could make people asleep.
• Button navigations do arrange in right manner.
• Good hierarchy.

• This site looks interesting because of the flash slide show.
• Really could interact with audience.
• Interesting color combinations.
• Good hierarchy.
• Interesting playing with type arrangement.

• Good arrangement for the informations.
• Play with images rather than type.
• Images do attract audiences.
• Color just right.

• Love his site really much.
• It really do attract various types of ages of audience
• Background in white color not too heavy.
• Arrangement of info do follow the hierarchy.
• Buttons navigation really interesting.

HTML Homepage

Before Enhancement.

After Enhancement.

Fly Me to the MOON.


DGM2 1st Flash Click'in

1 | Click the birdy to start DRAG.
2 | Click the same birdy again at the word "HERE" to release the birdy.
*objective: move all birdy to above the cloud level.

Mood Board


ShoutMix chat widget


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